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 Chords of Strenght... imagenes

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MensajeTema: Chords of Strenght... imagenes   Chords of Strenght... imagenes EmptyDom Mayo 16, 2010 2:11 pm

Parece que el libro ya esta en Japon.. rogando
"After a whole lot of soul-searching. I realize that all trough my life it was the act of facing and overcoming my insecurities that has always brought out the best in me. Looking back now I see that I was somehow able to tap into the best parts of myself in those moments when I needed to get through a difficult situation-on or off the stage. It kind of hit me that the most meaningful thing I could do with this book (and my story in general) is to try to inspire people to do the same... There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It's just you and me" - DAVID ARCHULETA

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Chords of Strenght... imagenes
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